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2010 FIFA World Cup, ESPN XP and Nielsen – Following Soccer Matches Across Platforms

In Nielsen’s latest three screen report, we find that more and more Americans are using TV and the internet at the same time.  Multitasking has not cannibalized TV viewing.  In fact, TV viewing increased by over 1 hour when comparing Q4 ’09 to Q4 ‘o8.  Those in the Media and Entertainment C-Suite are resting much easier now that concerns about cannibalizing TV have been mitigated – so much so that cross-platform efforts are being accelerated.

ESPN has launched XP to track the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  (Sounds a lot like an operating system we all love to hate but stands for cross-platform in this context.)  ESPN XP seeks to examine consumer behavior across all media – TV, Internet, radio and print.

Nielsen is one of ESPN’s key partners for XP and will provide several measurement and research services to power ESPN XP insights.  Nielsen Life360, a service that provides a “day in the life” snapshot of consumer habits and attitudes via electronic journals, will follow what consumers are doing as they watch the 2010 World Cup.  Nielsen will provide linear TV ratings as expected and the Nielsen Online unit will provide TV/Internet multitasking usage insights via a panel of more than 10,000 consumers.

ESPN realizes that over 50% of users are using TV and some other media platform.  That is more than double the rate from 5 years ago and ESPN’s cross-platform users make up nearly 75% of all time spent with ESPN.  ESPN plans to refine XP to become a standard metric they will share with advertisers so that it can be considered cross-platform currency.  Many media companies will watch with great interest as ESPN tries to define a cross-media metric that extends across multiple franchises like College Football and Monday Night Football.  Nielsen will have a key seat at ESPN’s table to extend their TV currency into a new medium.